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Bagi XI-IPA yang remidial kerjakan

Physic Test in February
Class: XI-IPA
1. A CD plate with radius of 6 cm rorates passing an angle of 150⁰. If a point is on the edge of the CD, what is the distance reached by that point?
2. A wheel rorates on a certain axis with angular velocity ω = 60 rpm. Calculate the linear velocity of points at 10 cm and 20 cm from the wheel axis!
3. A particel in a rigid body is moving on a circular path with radius of 14 cm at angular velocity of 4,0 rad/s and angular acceleration of 20 rad/s2. Determine the magnitude of total linear acceleration of the particel!
4. A pulley with radius of 20 cm can rorate with the axis passing the center of mass O. Around the pulley is wrapped by a string. The end of the string is pulled with a constant force of 12 N. What is the magnitde of moment of force experienced by the pulley?
5. Two equal forces, F1 = F2 = 10 N are acting on the edges of a metal bar with opposite direction as shown in figure.
6. A solid cylinder with 10 kg in mass and radius of 10 cm can rorate on a horizontal axis. A string that has a neglectable mass is wrapped on the cylinder. Then the end of the string is pulled with a static force of 20 N.If the mass of axis and friction between axis and its rotary place are neglectable, determine :
a. Angular acceleration of solid cylinder
b. Angular velocity of solid cyinder after rotating in 1,0 second, and
c. The angle travelled by solid cylinder in 1,0 second.
7. A ballerina with streched arms rorates with angular velocity of 1,2 rad/s on the smooth horizontal floor. The inertial moment conserved by the ballerina is 4,0 kg m2. If she folds her arms, then the inertial moment decreases 10% from the intial. What is the angular velocity of the ballerina when both arms are folded.
8. A solid cylinder with mass of 5 kg and radius of 10 cm moves at velocity of 30 m/s while rotating. Determine the kinetic energy of the cylinder.
9. Given that a pulley with mass M and radius R and two objects with mass each m1 and m2 (m2>m1) are set as in the figure. If the coefficient of friction of object 1 to table is μk and the pulley is assumed as solid cylinder, determine the acceleration of each object and the string tension.

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