Senin, April 13, 2009

UN oleh Ade Maya Sari

Good morning everybody. My honourable to our teacher and my beloved all of my friends. First of all I would like to thank God becase of His oppurtunity I can stand here to give a short speech. my topic today is about “THE PREPARATIONS TO FOLLOW UN”.
As we know that we will follow the national examination in April. Certainly all of us want to pass it. The only way to pass it just by study, study, and study hard. we aren’t very hopefully with our friends and our teachers.
Maybe some of us think that we can pass it easily. But, it is a wrong think. We can’t think that UN isn’t important. Because if we want to graduate our senior high school, we must pass this exam.
We must prepare from now. We must study hard from now. It is not late yet. We can start by decrease our time to play, watch a TV and around the city. We can study in the night. If there is a difficult lesson, we can ask to our teachers or our friends who can to teach us about that topic. And also we can wake early at 4 o clock to study. Because i think study in the morning can make us absorb lessons easily.
But, dont forget to take care of yourself. We must always eat fruits. And We can do a small sports. Such as jogging, push up. Because if we aren’t care to our health, we can be ill in the final days. Of course we dont want if it happen.
If we very tired to study, we can take a rest. We can listen a music, watch TV, play with our friends, etc.
I know that is very difficult. But, if we want to get something we must sacrifice. Behind our work, there is a success which wait us.
Dont be pessimist. Remember that “ A human is what they think”. If we think that we are stupid, so we can be a stupid people. But, if we think that we can do it, i trust that we can be a success people in the future. Dont make our parents, our family dissapointed to us. We must show them that we can do it.
And the last, we must always pray to the God. Because He is a master all of thing. Without He, we cant to be a success people. Just to Him we can request everything.
I think thats all of my speech. Thanks to your attention and good morning.

Created by Ade Maya Sari S

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