Sabtu, April 04, 2009


The Importance of English For Students

Good morning everybody, first of all I want to thank to God because with his bless I can stand here to give you a speech. But before I begin my speech, I want to introduce myself first. My name is Tetty. I am sitting in eleven in science class at Diponegoro school. My topic today is about “The importance of English for students.”
We as students have already realized how important English is. There are many importance of English. We all have known about the important of English nowadays. With English we can go anywhere such as French or Japan. Says that if we go to French or Japan. Do you know how to speak French or Japanese? If you have known to speak that languages that’s very good, but how if you didn’t know how to speak French or Japanese? How if you don’t know the way there? It will be difficult for you. But it doesn’t matter if we have known how to speak English. If we can speak English, we can communicate with other people or we can ask for help to the people there. And we also can go anywhere we want with knowing English. With English we don’t need to bother ourselves and learn other hard languages to communicate with others because English is International language. And there are some schools that using English for their daily speaking languages and a few school using English text books for another subjects. And how if we don’t know about English? We can’t study everything because all the text book is using English. And also if we want to continue our study at university abroad we must known English first so we don’t worry about the study that must be using English for the speaking and for the text book. And the other, if we want to find a job, We can find it easily if we known English because English is the common speaking languages. And if we have known English the changes is bigger than we didn’t know about English. English is very important if we want to work at office because we need to negotiate and talk with other people at many different countries. If we have known English and have skills, our changes will be bigger to be promoted to be higher position.
I think that’s all about my speech today. If I have some mistake or what. I feel so sorry about that. Thank you

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